Pelayanan Hemodialisis Pada Pasien Turberkulosis

 dirut bpjsNow JKN-KIS dialysis patients are made easy in extending referral letters that are due. In this case dialysis patients no longer need to come to the first level health facilities (FKTP) to extend their referral letters, simply by applying the VClaim application from the BPJS Clinic or Hospital where those patients getting dialysis services can immediately extend their referral letters.

In his spotcheck visit to the Tidore Hemodialysis Clinic, BPJS Managing Director Mr. Fachmi Idris said that the ease of this procedure is to cut down the administrative procedures of chronic kidney failure patients who routinely receive dialysis services in the hospital. This is expected to make it easier for JKN-KIS patients to access dialysis services without the hassle of taking care of referral letters from FKTP. Usually JKN-KIS participants who do dialysis take care of referral letters from FKTP such as Puskesmas or clinics which must be renewed every three months.

The following was conveyed by Managing Director of BPJS Fachmi Idris:

"For matters related to improving services that facilitate participants who make it easier for participants to access health services is increasingly improved. One of them, which we agreed on, was the simplification of hemodialysis services."

"So JKN participants affected by kidney failure & nbsp; can access the facility & nbsp; health cooperating, without having to go back and forth to the First Level Health Facility (FKTP). Because the cases of the disease are already clear, which requires continuous service in follow-up service facilities. But there are requirements to record the fingerprint first,  the existence of this recording ensures and makes it easy & nbsp; they come here, and truly they are participants."

"So we want to make sure it runs, because this program starts on January 1, then we deliberately choose one of the clinics, we want to make sure also how the service at the clinic is carried out. If in the hospital for hemodialysis services I have often (reviewed), but if in this clinic only the first."

"At present, there are 772 health facilities serving hemodialysis that have implemented the fingerprint program. Among these are 715 hospitals and 47 main clinics."

"For finger print, everything is ready. So indeed we asked for January 1, not only clinics but also hospitals cooperating with collaborating clinics that have already recorded. & Nbsp; The point is that participants are heading for January 1, we already have a commitment. & Nbsp; Everybody prepares a fingerprint device, then every time they come they are immediately recorded so they don't need to go back to the puskesmas, come here without bringing a letter of reference."

ajp wartawan

Besides that, Mr. Andreas Japar as one of the Directors at the Tidore Hemodialysis Clinic, the cost of dialysis can reach Rp 900,000 to Rp 1 million for one dialysis service, usually the Tidore Hemodialysis Clinic can serve up to 20 patients per day where the capacity reaches 24 patients per day. Most dialysis patients in this clinic are JKN-KIS participants, JKN-KIS patients also usually get this service 2 times a week with 5 hours each time dialysis.

With the increase in BPJS Health contributions per 2020, Andreas also hopes that claim payments by BPJS Health will be faster. However, he guaranteed that they would still maintain the quality of service to participants. "With the increase in fees, we hope we can get paid faster.  Secondly, of course from the beginning we prioritized quality, so that our patients could be cared for properly, and could last a long life. So we do not carelessly own this clinic, From the equipment which is quite sophisticated, the human resources are trained and certified, the third sop we run it seriously," continued Andreas. 




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