PT Masa Lestari Husada offers 5 different types of joint cooperation namely: 


Contract Management

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If you have a building or a place in a strategic location for business but you do not bother to take care of all the stuff like licensing, human resources, and equipment, then this option seems to be the most suitable for you.




                 Table of Contract Management Requirements


PT Masa Lestari Husada 


Partner/ You

 Licensing  Provide a venue (building / shop house), which is designed and renovated in accordance with the prerequisite of the agreement.
Human Resources Water Resources
Medical and Non-medical Equipment Electricity Resources
Operational Amenities Facilities and Infrastructure of the building



Operational Joint Cooperation


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Operational Joint Cooperation is suitable for partners who are already experienced and have their own human resources but still need to find the particularly good hemodialysis equipment.





                       Table of Operation Joint Cooperation Requirement


PT Masa Lestari Husada



Partner/ You

Hemodialysis Machine

Provide Premises

Water Treatment (RO) appliances


5 items of disposable materials

Human Resources


Medical and Non-medical Equipment


Operational Amenities


Non-returnable Purchase

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This joint cooperation is very simple since there is no written agreement or contract. Partners could purchase varieties of hemodialysis equipment anytime, anywhere and without minimum amount. 




Special Joint Cooperation (custom) 

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If you require something special for the operational activities, such as the fixed schedule delivery of raw materials or something to do with the human resources or you might even want to have a particular agreement and advice, kindly contact us to get the complete and correct information.



Virtual Asset

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We have many projects that need investment for hemodialysis kit and equipment. You could take part in the equipment business by being an investor who will get a monthly profit. 




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